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Checklist for Developing BI Objects February 10, 2012

Posted by Ajay in SAP BW.

 Checklist for Developing BI Objects

What you need to check…

Developing the data model:

  Is the data model clear, integrated and consistent?
  Have you structured your system in a data warehouse layer architecture? Have you adhered to the recommendations for data modeling?

Developing InfoObjects:

  Are you planning to develop new characteristics?

Characteristics should be reusable, where possible. If you just need a new description for an existing characteristic, create the new characteristic as a reference to the existing characteristic.

  Do you need a special key figure to count the occurrences of a characteristic?

Using time characteristics:

  If you are using 0CALDAY in an InfoProvider, you should also include the higher-level time characteristics in the InfoProvider (for example, 0CALWEEK, 0CALMONTH, 0CALQUARTER, 0CALYEAR).
  If you are using 0FISCVARNT and 0CALDAY in an InfoProvider, you should also include 0FISCPER and 0FISCYEAR.

Developing InfoSources:

  Do the InfoSources only contain InfoObjects that are technically relevant or relevant for analysis and reporting?

Developing InfoProviders:

  Are you using DataStore objects? You should use DataStore objects if you need the history or analysis of an individual record. InfoCubes, on the other hand, can be aggregated and therefore have better performance.
  Are you using InfoSets with time-dependent master data? In this case, you should not define queries with time intervals.
  Are you using MultiProviders? Make sure that all the characteristics you want to use in the query are contained in all the individual InfoProviders.

Defining the load process:

  Have you defined transformation rules so that master data can be read? With reverse postings for delta-enabled DataSources, note that master data should not be read in the transformation rule for an InfoCube. The system can only process reverse postings upon reading master data correctly in the transformation rules for a DataStore object.
  Are you using process chains? You should use process chains to perform each load and further processing process.





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